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If you are planning to teach or learning Arabic, English, or French, or the glorious names of Allah, then this website is the perfect place for you to start!!!

Here, you can purchase books that are full of fun activities, Like:

Writing, Reading, Colouring, Math, and much more pleasing content that your child needs for the perfect education.

 Here’s how it works:

These books are eBooks for kids , sent to you directly in a link and downloadable as you wish on your computer or tablet.

These books are also perfect aid for teachers who would like an extra tool to assist them in teaching English, and French.

These wonderful Ebooks are the best addition to a classroom environment and provide a wonderful learning experience for you and your students to enjoy.


These EBooks are also superbe for vacation and to keep your little ones busy and having fun during you summer or winter breaks.

Just print the ones you like and off you GO!!!!


 These eBooks also feature:


* Arabic alphabet worksheets,

* Arabic alphabet flashcards, 

*Colouring  in Arabic letters, words, numbers alphabet




These printable reading and writing activities will capture your child's  attention and make it fund for them making it Easy and Fun to improve their skills.


         A free SAMPLE "Arabic alphabet" in pdf format is available for you to try out, go ahead have a look its FREE!!!


 Now that you know the quality we are providing you is Amazing, we are giving you the chance to choose from a wild variety of books like:


*Arabic math book,

*The 99 names of Allah, 

*The 99 names of Allah in flashcards,

* French activity books,

* French alphabet,

* French math book,

* English activity books,

* English alphabet,

* English math book,

* Arabic letters flashcards


  We hope that you will enjoy these books and that they will provide you and your child with the best learning experience and lasting learning skills they deserve.



                          1- ARABIC  ACTIVITY BOOKS


Multiplication In Arabic                     My Colors In Arabic                    Shapes Of  Arabic Letters           Color Arabic Words                   Numbers In Arabic


  Arabic Coloring Alphabet                       Arabic Alphabet.                     Arabic Word Pyramids            Read, Write And Color            Reading And Writing Activities  


Free Arabic Alphabet.         Arabic Math book          The 99 Names Of Allah          The 99 Names Of Allah In Flashcards                   

                                                                                            2-  FRENCH  ACTIVITY BOOKS


      My French Alphabet.              French Math book.               Allah's Names in French


                                        3- ENGLISH  ACTIVITY BOOKS


    My Colors In English                        My English Alphabet                  English Math book


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